Rocking Horse Toy Shop


As a family business based in North Yorkshire, The Rocking Horse Toy Shop is dedicated to curate and craft quality-made sustainably sourced products for a lifetime of memories for each family.

Our carefully curated range of rocking horses & animals for babies and children gives you great family possessions to pass on and share with siblings and relatives and makes you feel proud to have in your home.

All traditional toys from ride-on and walkers to wooden toys and other eco-friendly toys allow you to integrate them into your existing toy library to create limitless imaginative play and bonding time with your loved ones.

We advocate sustainability productions and diligently source reliable suppliers to work with. Many of them strive to reduce the use of plastic packaging, some use organic fabric and textile, sustainably sourced wood or FSC wood, or natural rubber, some use recycled plastic or polyester, even sugar-cane recyclable materials in their product productions. 

As for our forever popular personalised rocking animals, the decision was made to offer a non-permanent personalisation method, to allow the possibility of them to be passed on or sold on to others, without leaving a permanent name on the item, and to leave less carbon footprint during the personalisation process.

Not to mention The Rocking Horse Toy Shop are a proud fundraising partner for two amazing charities that support parents who have recent losses of their little ones - Reflect York and Miscarriage Association, since the shop owners have truly benefited from their help in their difficult fertility journey. You are invited to make a small donation at the checkout to give hope to these future parents. 

Finally, when you browse the shop, you will see a host of excellent reviews from our customers across the nation. They are parents who are excited by the quality of the rocking horses and toys, and grandparents who are proud gifters of unusual and sustainable toys to their grandchildren. 

Come and shop for your little one’s presents for their special days such as birthdays, holidays, and Christmas now! 

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3 Westfield House,
Millfield Lane,
YO26 6GA