About Us

Producing quality maps and introducing visitors to exciting things to do around the UK

Localthingstodo.co.uk is powered by We Design Maps – we have been helping visitors find things to do for over 10 years. We produce physical maps in partnership with Tourist Information Centres and local businesses and are this website accompanies those maps.

Based in rural Northamptonshire, we love to travel and visit different all corners of the UK. We love the UK, and the variety of businesses and communities that you find. It is this that has encouraged us to grow the mapping side of the business – requiring lots of visits to everywhere from Cornwall to Northern Scotland.

To help other visitors looking for things to do, we add quality businesses to our publications – this enables us to distribute them and give them away for free throughout the UK – we currently have over 80 locations and that is growing quickly.

This website is here to make that information even more accessible, so that visitors looking for things to do can find exciting local businesses even before making the trip.

If you would like your business to feature or if you would like to suggest a new location for our next visit, please let us know at enquiries@localthingstodo.co.uk or call us on 01933 303530.

Interested in Advertising?

Don't miss out! If you would like to promote your business to visitors looking for local things to do, please email enquiries@localthingstodo.co.uk or call us on 01933 303530

Design & Artwork

We can prepare your artwork for you – if you would like help with your artwork for a map or the website, please let us know at enquiries@localthingstodo.co.uk or call us on 01933 303530

Interested in Advertising?

We give local businesses, offering products and services locally, an effective means of reaching new customers. In a Google led world it is easy to find almost anything you are looking for… We are in the ideas business – we help you find your new customers, who don’t even know they’re looking for you!