OakwooD Turners

Hi, my name is Ed Bennett and I have been woodturning for the past five years.

I am a member of the Roundhay Artists group specialising in wood artistry.

My workshop is half a garage with a lathe, bandsaw, tool sharpener and loads and loads of bits of wood.

I sell on a stall in the Shambles open air market every Sunday in York and I have my own Etsy shop.

My son helps out on the stall now and then and sells his own militaria items.
Over the past few years my skills have slowly improved and allowed me to tackle a wide range of wood turning techniques.

I’m constantly blown away by the the variation in wood grain and colour  as it gets turned away and it never fails to keep me enthused and passionate about this most brilliant of hobbies/life styles.

37 Fitzroy Drive ,