New Forest Wildlife Park

New Forest
Nestled in the beautiful woodlands of New Forest National Park you can discover all the delights the New Forest Wildlife Park has to offer for visitors of all ages. 

With both conservation projects and educational programmes at the heart of the wildlife park  this much loved attraction is home to over 260 animals representing 40 species both native and from other parts of the world. 

As you stroll round the nature trail look for the four species of otters from the smallest Asian shortclaw otter to the endangered giant otter from the Amazon (who have a new enclosure for 2021) these otters can put on an impressive display including underwater viewing.

As you follow the one way system you can enjoy wild roaming deer and wallabies,  wolves, lynx, Scottish wildcats and many others every size from the mighty Eurasian bison to the tiny harvest mouse.


Join the friendly keepers as they go about their daily routines but have time to chat and share their knowledge about the animals in their care.


Our impressive playgrounds are for all ages and abilities to learn, play and exercise. If you are looking for a more personal experience to get up close or for that unusual gift  for a special person  a Keeper Experience Day maybe be the answer to get a taste of what it is like to be a keeper for a day


Currently our coffee shop is a one way system for takeaway light snacks and drinks with ample outdoor seating.

Deerleap Lane,
SO40 4UH