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Melody Hawtin B.A Hons  - Winchester School Of Art

Melody Art has been trading since 2003. ( Our catalogue can be viewed at 

We sell original paintings, photographs and giclee prints on canvas and Etching paper. Our prints are to The Fine Art Trade Guild Specification which will normally last a lifetime without fading. 

My practise, as an artist is my life’s story. A story which began as a child painting the hills around Minehead. 

Within my creative process I  feel heaven is touched for a moment. It may be a lingering spark, yet it’s there. And this spark creates a contact with others who identify with my work. 

Porlock, where we live and work is about 7 miles from Minead, it nestles below North Hill and looks up towards  Dunkery Beacon. 

My spacious Art studio is in The Old Tannery, a beautiful historic stone monument to local industry. The river runs beneath  my window, gushing  red with soil from the hills in heavy rain,  and delicately meandering in summer. 

My Art has been exhibited  in the UK and internationally including Ireland, New York and Italy.

My studio is open by appointment in Porlock. It would be lovely to meet you.

Parking in the central car park. Follow signs through the Village. Go through the car park for access to The Old Tannery, also home of Miles Tea. 

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Mb. 07930 087337


High Street,
Minehead ,
TA24 8PT