I've always had a dream of one day owning my very own little company...

...I dreamt of sharing a collection of items, reflecting Treasured pieces that I truly loved gifting, and receiving.

I often struggle to convey the right message in words, but what I've found over the years is the smallest gifts are often the most Treasured.

Gifting takes love, feeling, and thoughtfulness.I love sending gifts, often in the shape of a heart or star, my favourite symbols of expression!

Choosing the right sentiment or gift is often all the words that are needed to show friends, family, colleagues or neighbours that they are loved, I'm thinking of them, I'm celebrating with them or I'm there for you.

And from this, the name was born....Treasured.

.... I had a dream and it came true. Now, I'm delighted to be able to share Treasured with you...

90-92 Main Street,
Largs ,
KA30 8AN