Pier Pressure


What is an Escape Room?

A race against the clock to solve puzzles and complete an objective.

A bit like a cross between The Crystal Maze and a treasure hunt, escape rooms are a whirlwind medley of excitement, tension and thrill that will challenge and excite. You and your team are in it together in victory or defeat!

You have 60 minutes to solve a series of connected puzzles that build upon each other and will eventually lead you to your goal.

These puzzles can require all sorts of skills that you may not even know you have. Such as logical thinking, observation, navigating, quick reactions, word association, colour identification, communication or simply counting the number of ladybirds on a teapot.

Every puzzle solved is a step towards your goal, and every member of the team can contribute.

One thing you won’t need in our escape rooms is general knowledge. Everything you need to complete the game can be found in the room.

They are known as escape rooms but rest assured, you are never physically locked in the room and can step out any time you like…the clock tick-tocks on though!


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