Old Java Coffee House

Dawlish & Teignmouth
The Old Java Coffee House, was conceived from the idea of providing Teignmouth with a shop that catered for the ever growing coffee connoisseur.

We specialise in Gourmet coffee beans, and you can purchase a variety of beans either whole, to be ground at home, or we can grind them here for you, ready to use in your filter machine, cafetiere or espresso machine.

There is a choice of dark, medium and light roasted beans, with varying strengths and acidities. Just ask and we can help to find the right roast for you.

We sell our own signature blend of coffee, which has been uniquely blended just for us, and by using the finest selection of beans which have been roasted at our request, then delivered overnight we can ensure the freshest tasting coffee that you can buy!

As well as being able to take them home you can request any of our beans for your daily coffee, just choose and we will make it !