Purezza Hove

Purezza is the UK’s first vegan pizzeria, starting in Brighton & Hove in 2015.

Built upon hundreds of years of Neapolitan culinary heritage, but specialising in using innovative plant-based ingredients – Purezza is the home of the truly modern pizza. Putting sustainability at the heart of everything they do, ingredients are meticulously sourced to ensure that they are great for your palate and great for the planet.

Purezza’s unique approach to pizza has taken them from strength to strength. They won National Pizza of the Year in 2018, and have secured major awards at the World Pizza Championships in Italy.

They are also widely recognised within the vegan community as one of the UK’s best restaurants, winning multiple awards for the quality of their plant-based food.

Purezza also puts focus into allergen-free foods, with a menu that is 98% gluten free or optionally gluten free, and removing traditional allergens like nuts and soya from the menu.

They have two branches in Brighton & Hove. One on the eclectic and bohemian St James Street, and one in the heart of Hove on Western Road.

The sites themselves are something to behold – fitted out with recycled, upcycled and refurbished furniture and materials insofar as possible, tying in with the overall vision the company has around sustainability.

For vegans, veg-curious, and flexitarians, Purezza makes for a fantastic dining experience offering the best of Italian cuisine with minimal impact upon the environment.

86-87 Western Road,